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Computer Aided Design – Introduction to CAD

Computer Aided Design
Computer Aided Design with Onshape

Computer Aided Design

Clearhand is teaching a three day Computer Aided Design course.

Called Introduction to CAD, it is provided in conjunction with the Metal Project from Swansea University’s College of Engneering.

Introduction to CAD will improve your fundamental knowledge of 3D Modelling and 2D Engineering Design/Drawing.


The course is CAD neutral, but uses Onshape as the primary CAD system. 

Participation will therefore help you to increase your knowledge of 3D and 2D design.

It also includes “Resilient Modelling Strategy“, which is known to be applicable and relevant to all modern parametric CAD systems.

A number of local, South Wales based engineering companies including:- Oceaneering, Envases, Alchem Process, Weartech, Avon TSAhave completed the training, as well as others from further afield like:- MicroKerf .

Participants from all companies who attended the CAD training also provided very positive feedback and excellent reviews.

Moreover, due to the initial success of the course, Professional Engineers at Clearhand are very much looking forward to teaching additional CAD courses over the coming months.

Want to sign up for the next course?, then contact staff at the Metal Project directly or contact us here at Clearhand.

Industrial Structural Steel – Design and Analysis

Industrial Structural Steel

Clearhand helps companies with the Design and Analysis of their Industrial Structural Steel products, such as Walkways, Platforms, Pipe-Bridges, Pipe-Racks and Walkovers.

Images above show a selection of products that Clearhand has designed or analysed for a number of different clients.

Please contact us if you need help with the Design or Analysis of your Structural Steel products required for your projects.

Welcome to Clearhand’s New Website!!!

Welcome to Clearhand’s New Website

Firstly, welcome to Clearhand’s new website and our first blog post!

Also, over the coming months, we will add more posts with regular updates and comment.

We will also be posting links to things we find interesting in Engineering and Design, along with anything else we find of interest to Engineers, well that’s our aim anyway.

Finally, for those of you who do find this site, please check back regularly for more updates from Clearhand and the wider world of Engineering.