Onshape - Cloud Based Parametric 3D CAD

Clearhand are a Consultant Partner with Onshape

Onshape is the first cloud-based 3D CAD system

Design Engineers at Clearhand have many years of experience within industry across several sectors and as such, have gained vast experience with proprietary software. Our main day to day CAD package is Onshape. We chose to use Onshape because it offers a flexible, robust platform which can easily work alongside other popular CAD programs but, it also enables us to very easily collaborate with our clients without the need for them to install additional software or incur any additional costs.

Clients are able to log in and both see and interact with the CAD Model in real time with Engineers at Clearhand.

Clients can feel comfortable that no technical expertise is required beyond the ability to open a web browser as Onshape has the ability to allow the client to simply follow our Designers’ screen while we navigate the model (if they wish) or vice versa.

To date, all clients who have collaborated with us through Onshape, have been highly impressed by the workflow it provides, allowing them to have valid input through every stage of the design process.

Use of this CAD system will help to enhance productivity across our full range of services, including:

  • 3D Modelling, 2D Drawings & Reverse Engineering;
  • Implementation, Support, Training & Demos;
  • Mechanical CAD Design, Documentation & Updates;
  • Hand calculations, Analysis, FEA & CFD;
  • Photo Realistic Rendering;
  • ECN’s, ECI’s & CAD updates; and
  • Cloud-Based engineering tools.