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Crane Offload at Swansea Docks

Structural Engineering Service in South Wales

Structural Engineering Service in South Wales

Structural Steel Service
Unloading at Swansea Docks

Engineers at Clearhand provide a Structural Engineering Service in South Wales and beyond.

Recently, their Structural Steel Design skills were used to help with the refurbishment of a number of dockside cranes operated by ABP.

Originally, these cranes were manufactured in Bath by world renown crane manufacturer Stothert & Pitt.

Up until recently, the cranes were in constant use at Newport Docks.

However, the cranes required a complete Mechanical and Electrical overhaul, together with relocation to Swansea Docks.

Consequently, the proposed move caused further issues, such as:-

  • The width between rail tracks at Swansea Docks was somewhat wider than the rail tracks at Newport Docks.

Structural Design and Analysis

Consulting service provider delivering Structural Design & Analysis services
Disassembly of Dockside Cranes at Newport Docks

Consequently, Engineers at Clearhand solved a number of Structural Design and Analysis related issues.

These included:-

  • The Structural Design and Analysis of support stand structures for the cranes major assemblies, such as the Control Cabs, A Frames and Jibs.
  • To use the cranes on wider rail tracks, required the Structural Design and Analysis of a new main support beam, which enabled re-positioning of the cranes main wheel bogies,

Traditional Hand Analysis and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods support the Structural Engineering Service.


Structural Engineering Service

Structural Engineering Service
Onshape Models for FEA

Additionally, in order to accomplish the work Clearhand used an online modern CAD system called Onshape.

As a result, all 3D Models are available in one place using Onshape.

Giving the advantage of all 3D Models initially created in different software available for use in one system.

As part of the Structural Engineering Service, Engineers at Clearhand use Structural Engineering Design and Analysis to carry out calculations that support and verify the design.

This includes traditional methods known as Hand Calculations alongside modern computational analysis like Finite Element Analysis (FEA).